Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Seneca, philosopher


At Cottrey, we understand the future is an uncharted territory with new challenges daily.



To Discover is to understand the context of a given situation in all its complexities. What are the political, cultural, historical, technical, and procedural components that provide the backdrop of a particular environment?  What are the characters, personas, and constraints that encompass the organization, market or problem? 


To Discover is to learn the current state beyond the visible and documented components, while being present to listen to the various intricacies across people, process, and technology. 

As such, we take an innovative approach to strategy that disrupts traditional best practices.

Our DEAP method for transformational delivery is structured on four pillars.

To discover

is the beginning

of understanding

R. Cottrey


To Disrupt is to challenge the status quo by redefining the assumptions and constraints of an environment to arrive at different possibilities. To disrupt means to change the assumptions. It is to view strategy and change management beyond the boundaries of the leading practices to see something more.


The Disrupt phase seeks to disrupt the art of the possible as a means of designing the impossible. This is accomplished by mapping current strategic assumptions for a market or organization, then flipping them upside down in new terms. 


To Envision is about evolving beyond best practices, to see a different vision for the future.  By leveraging the data points gained through Discovery and Disruption, one is able to reimagine tomorrow through the lens of today. Once assumptions have been challenged and redefined, a new vision emerges.  


Envision is the process of articulating a new vision and mission statement.


To Design is to outline a strategic roadmap that defines measurable actions to achieve the new mission.  This planning phase is the culmination of the proceeding phases that seeks to outline a critical path to achieve the desired outcome.


To Design is to utilize the Discovery phase as the critical guidepost for the coordination and utilization of resources towards the desired outcome.  

Create a sustainable future that evolves beyond visible constraints.

Create a sustainable future that evolves beyond

visible constraints of today

R. Cottrey