Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. 

Thomas Hardy, English writer


Cottrey specializes in managing and co-creating technological solutions that transform organizations. 


We enable innovation at all levels of the industry to create the necessary synergy for internal growth and disruption. By applying our innovative governance approach, we can optimize existing processes, while enabling innovation to foster new ways of thinking.

This method creates an environment where organizational change can flourish while facilitating the transition to the desired state. 

At Cottrey, we possess the experience, tools, and foresight to help your organization navigate today through the lens of tomorrow.

Cottrey main services

International Political Technology Assessment

International Political Technology Assessment


We understand technology adoption holistically.  

We take an interdisciplinary approach to understand all sources of intelligence information to determine how variables operate and interact. Using strong critical thinking skills, tools, and methods, we extract valuable insight from digital data that inform geo-political decision making, drives strategic action and supports global adoption.


Our analysis aids policymakers in understanding their technology landscape concerning their foreign counterparts, by examining worldviews, technology and political constraints, and the social context for leadership.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management


We believe that technology adoption must be managed with respect to organizational change.  

We assess organizational dynamics and culture as indicators that constrain or enable technology fulfillment.   


We provide sub-services, such as Project and Program Management, IT Operating Model Development, Full Suite ITIL Process Maturity Assessments (ITIL Configuration and Change Management, ITIL Asset ManagementITIL Incident and Problem Management) CERT Resilience Management Model Assessment (RMM/CRR), and Business Writing/RFP Response Support

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions


Today represents an unprecedented period of technology convergence that is altering the global workforce. 


This tipping point will require a new type of strategy firm that can navigate the geopolitical landscape while creating value for the common good of humanity.


Cottrey’s workforce solutions are focused on the implementation and commercialization of a global contingent talent platform referred to as the Commons (Coming Soon).