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What we do

With over twenty years of combined experience applied to the private and public sectors, we have developed an approach for analyzing and identifying opportunities for improvement that adapts to any organization.

We specializes in process improvement and technological solutions that transform organizations.  We possess the experience, tools, and foresight to help your organization navigate today through the lens of tomorrow.

Our specific specialties include:

Technology and Organizational Change Management and Transformation, IT Service Management (ITIL 3, 4), Service Delivery Design, Resilience Management (RMM), Configuration and Change Management (SecCM-NIST), IT Enterprise Governance (COBIT), Process Maturity Assessments, Project and Program Management.

Why us?

The quest for meaningful improvement is the core of our being.  We believe this perspective is the key to our success.

We ask the hard questions.

We are dedicated to finding new ways, to embrace the unknown. We teach organizations to understand failure as a feedback for improvement. When you look through the lens of innovation, you must be willing to disrupt your current self.

Our journey

In addition to our consulting practice, we believe the next evolution of work is critical to human evolution.  We intent to lead the next evolution in workforce solutions by providing strategic consulting services and products that enable continuous transformation and innovation. At Cottrey we  believe in the importance of human capability and knowledge as a force for change and innovation. That's why we optimize processes and promote the optimal alignment of human capabilities for innovation. Because how we work together is what will define and sustain our future.

One day, future generations will be able to work collectively as an extension of what they are passionate about. How can we get there? By being an example of the change we want to see in the world.

About Us

We aim to create a sustainable future that evolves beyond visible constraints of today

At Cottrey's we have developed a solid foundation for value creation and growth across the public and private sector. 

The culmination of experience working, consulting and partnering with organizations made us who we are today.



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